View from plane of flooding in Logan

Understanding severe weather business risks

Severe weather can occur at any time of the year. Taking the time to identify and understand the possible risks to your business can help to minimise any potential damage to your business that could occur during a disaster.

Logan’s PD Hub is an online interactive planning tool which allows businesses to view hazard mapping and identify areas which may be at risk from flooding or bushfire. The mapping can help to identify how your business and the neighbourhood may be affected by a particular hazard, and can assist you in making arrangements ahead of time, such as identifying alternative routes should local roads be cut off by flooding.

A Flood Level Report for the property can also be downloaded from the Logan PD Hub. The report provides the most up-to-date flood information that Council has for that property, and summarises the relevant information for the Flood Hazard overlay code.

Identifying and understanding the hazards that may affect your business can help you to actively prepare your business ahead of a disaster so your business can continue to operate and recover quickly.

Visit Logan’s PD Hub at to view Council’s hazard mapping and identify the potential risks that may affect your business.