City Pulse

Welcome to Logan City Council’s Economic Development City Pulse.

Logan City Council understands the importance of accurate and up-to-date land use, development, and building activity data. Council has therefore invested in a dedicated Research and Monitoring Unit being established in the Economic Development and Strategy Branch, with a core function of monitoring growth and key indicators of growth across the City.

This edition of City Pulse has been reviewed and updated as at 31 December 2023. This information includes available development activity data from 2010/11 through to 2023/24 (part-year July-December 2023).

City Pulse contains the following information:

Drone photo of Springwood, Underwood and Slacks Creek along M1 Motorway

City of Logan snapshot

There are 130,025 dwellings in the City of Logan as at June 2022.

The South East Queensland Regional Plan 2023 (ShapingSEQ), states that the City of Logan is required to accommodate an additional 110,200 dwellings from 2021 to 2046. By June 2022, 130,025 residential dwellings were recorded in Logan with a growth of 4,325 dwellings from 2021. Based on these updated figures, Logan is required to now facilitate an additional 105,875 residential dwellings by 2041.

Development approvals

In the 2023/24 financial year period (part year July-December 2023),  Logan City Council approved 1,066 new dwelling and 3,515 new lot applications.

Evening drone photo of Springwood and Underwood looking northbound on the M1 Motorway

Drone photo of Area 51

Building Approvals

In the 2023/24 financial year period (part-year July-December 2023), Logan City Council received 1,651 residential building approvals including 783 stand-alone houses and 117 retirement dwellings.

Building completions

In the 2023/24 financial year period (part year July-December 2023), Logan City Council received 1,574 residential building approvals including 1,135 stand-alone houses and 49 retirement dwellings.

Warehouses under construction in Crestmead Logistics Estate

For more information, please contact the Urban Research and Monitoring Unit, City Planning, Logan City Council at or call 07 3412 3412.