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Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy 2022-2027 sets out Council’s vision and strategies to maximise economic growth in the City of Logan. As catalysts for growth and innovation, Logan City Council is well positioned seek, attract, support and enable economic prosperity, and position our city as an emerging centre of economic excellence in South East Queensland.

There is a high level of business and community confidence in the City of Logan’s economic future. Logan’s economic future will be underpinned by the success of its key activity and employment centres.

The City of Logan has an opportunity to build on its unique combination of strengths and position itself as a leading local economy in Australia. Achieving that requires effort and energy from government, industry, businesses and the community.

Our strategic directions

  • Business support:

    every business matters

  • Investment attraction:

    anchors for industry and job development

  • Emerging industries:

    capitalising on strengths and growth opportunities

  • Youth pathways:

    unlocking Logan’s future

  • Place development:

    placemaking and improved amenity

Our economic development vision

The City of Logan is a thriving and prosperous economy. It’s a destination of choice for business, investment and talent. Here businesses grow and flourish, supported by a forward-thinking community that embraces opportunity.

Logan’s economy is everyone’s business, with Council leading the way. Logan City Council is an enabler, facilitator and promoter of economic development. We turn opportunity into reality.

LOED staff working with a business (florist)

Our economic principles and goals

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Sustained growth:

Growth in the value of the economy will, year on year, be greater than population growth, ensuring an increasing living standard for residents.

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Valued jobs:

The share of jobs that are full-time and provide above-average incomes will increase year on year.

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Pathways to employment:

The youth unemployment rate will fall until it reaches comparable levels to the state average.

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Innovation and technology:

Local businesses will transition to more advanced methods and use technology to boost productivity and growth.

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Economic inclusivity:

The number of locally owned small-to-medium enterprises will increase.

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Local wealth building:

The institutions of Logan, including Council, will enhance local wealth by building local capabilities and increasing the share of spending in local supply chains.

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Vibrant places:

City centres and precincts are attractive and engaging places that sustain business and investor confidence.