Development Approvals

Development Approvals represent the City of Logan’s development pipeline for both residential and non-residential land uses. The figures presented on this page do not include development approved by Economic Development Queensland in the Priority Development Areas of Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone.

City of Logan Residential Development Approvals 2023/24

In the 2023/24 financial year period (part-year July-December 2023), Logan City Council approved the following residential development applications:

*Please note: Most stand-alone houses, houses with auxiliary units and secondary dwellings do not require a development application, therefore the number of new dwellings in this section does not account for all new dwelling stock.

icon_a house


Total approved new dwellings

icon_a floor plan on a paper


Total approved new lots

House Type Unit/Apartment Duplex/townhouse Stand-alone House House with Auxiliary Unit Secondary Dwelling for Existing Dwelling Other Dwelling Retirement Dwelling
8 112 212 229 26 5 165 317

City of Logan Other Residential Development

July – December 2023

Icon_a person providing care to a patient


Care facilities (beds)

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Non-private institutions (beds)

City of Logan Accommodation Development Approvals

July – December 2023

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Short-term accommodation (serviced apartments)

icon_a person standing outside of a building with a dollar sign on top


Short-term accommodation (hotels/motels)

City of Logan development approved new dwellings breakdown 2023/24 (July-December 2023)
Stand-alone house(1)229
House with auxiliary unit26
Secondary dwelling for existing dwelling(1)5
Other dwelling165
Retirement dwelling(4)317

City of Logan Non-Residential Development Approvals July to December 2023

In the 2023/24 financial year period (part-year July-December 2023), Logan City Council approved the following non-residential development applications:

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Total approved new Gross Floor Area (GFA)

icon_a retail shopfront with a dollar sign


Total approved new non-residential lots

Development Approved New Non-residential Gross Floor Area Breakdown 2023/24

*Note 2023/24 data only includes 6-month data from July to December 2023

wdt_ID Development Type Gross Floor Area
1 Retail 40,426
2 Community 23,706
3 Industry 361,667
4 Office 23,706
5 Sport, Tourism & Recreation 11,847
wdt_ID Development Type Gross Floor Area
1 Warehouse, Distribution & Logistics 328,522
2 Retail and Services 31,672
3 Sport, Tourism and Recreation 11,847
4 Showroom & Bulk Goods 8,754
5 Education 11,483
  1. The Auxiliary unit count includes both the primary house and the auxiliary unit.
  2. An Other dwelling includes those dwellings located in Caravan parks for the purposes of longer-term living (not short-term holiday accommodation) and dwellings such as relocatable homes.
  3. A Retirement dwelling is defined as a dwelling located in a retirement facility that provides separate independent living dwellings. Also defined as low-care living.
  4. Care facilities Include residential care facilities such as nursing homes and community residences and are further defined as facilities with shared communal facilities such as common areas, kitchens etc. A care facility is not a separate dwelling. The count for this housing type is the number of bedrooms and not dwellings.
  5. Non-private institutions include detention facilities and boarding homes. The count for this housing type is the number of bedrooms and not dwellings.
  • Retail and services: This use includes the sale of goods and services such as shops, food and drink outlets, service stations etc.
  • Showroom and bulk foods: This use includes large-scale retailers such as retail warehouses, outdoor sales yards, showrooms etc.
  • Office: This use includes the provision of professional services and discharge of professional duties such as GP/doctors, office, vets etc.
  • Education: This use provides educational services such as child care centres, schools, universities, TAFE etc.
  • Health: This use provides general and emergency medical care such as hospitals and health care services etc.
  • Community other: This use provides services to the community such as community halls, emergency service stations, churches etc.
  • Sport, Tourism & Recreation: This use provides recreation services such as gyms, galleries, tourist attractions, sporting facilities etc.
  • Rural: This use includes agricultural and animal industries such as animal keeping, farming etc.
  • Warehouse, distribution & logistics: This use includes industrial activities which deal with transport and/or storage of goods or the transport of passengers.
  • Low impact industry: This use includes industrial uses with low intensity and impacts such as mechanics, car washes etc.
  • Med impact industry: This use includes industrial uses with moderate intensity and impacts such as spray painting, recycling, manufacturing etc.
  • High impact industry: This use includes industrial uses with high intensity and impacts such as quarrying, waste processing, heavy manufacturing etc.