Image_Larry Storey Bridge Waterford in flood

Small Business Recovery and Reinvigoration Fund reopened

Due to community interest and need, Council has reopened the Small Business Recovery and Reinvigoration Fund. This is part of a wider flood recovery package in response to the 2022 floods.

The program will help businesses that were inundated by the 2022 flood event to improve their resilience, adapt their business for future growth and fast-track their recovery.

Support measures include up to $5,000 per eligible business to assist with the following:

  • Professional advice and support.
  • Digital and marketing activities to assist local businesses discover new customers and grow revenue.
  • Relocation costs for affected local businesses wanting to move to other locations within Logan.
  • Replacement, repair or restoration of essential items for business operations such as signage or furniture.
  • Rebates on approved business development courses to develop disaster preparedness and mitigation skills.

To be eligible you must meet the eligibility criteria, which includes

  • be a small business owner who provides local employment opportunities.
  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) and have held that ABN at the time of the eligible disaster.
  • employ up to, but not exceeding, 20 full time equivalent employees.
  • located in the Logan City Council local government area and has suffered direct inundation and damage, caused by riverine and/or creek flooding to premises as a result of
    the disaster.
  • have been engaged in carrying on the small business when affected by the eligible disaster.
  • be primarily responsible for meeting the costs claimed in the application.
  • intend to re-establish the small business in the City of Logan

Full eligibility, and terms and conditions can be found by downloading a preview form from the Smartygrants website

What assistance is available?

Businesses will have the ability to use any of the financial support programs outlined below to a combined value of $5,000 per eligible business.

  • Small Business professional services support: Connecting critically impacted local businesses to professional advice (preferably provided by businesses located in Logan) to assist in addressing and recovering from the disaster. Eligible businesses will be able to receive rebates for professional advice in four categories Accounting and Insolvency, Grant writing, Human Resources and Legal Services.
  • Small Business kick start and go digital: Kick starting promotion and marketing activities for critically impacted local businesses to discover new customers and grow revenue, through new digital and marketing campaign expenditure and participation in an approved digital shop front/ e-commerce programs.
  • Small Business Relocation: Relocation assistance provided for critically impacted local businesses seeking to relocate to other locations within Logan. Add in examples of costs that will be covered
  • Small Business owner development: Invest in business owner disaster preparedness and mitigation skill development on approved business development courses.
  • Small Business reinvigorate: Support the replacement, repair or restoration of essential physical items for business operations such as signage or furniture for critically impacted local businesses.