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Business nbn™ solution finder update

NBN Co has launched the business nbn™ solution finder

This online tool is helping businesses understand the type of solution to discuss with their retail service provider in order to get the most appropriate service to meet their business needs; and order it.

For businesses of all sizes, it’s important they select the appropriate business nbn™ solution to meet their needs, including the right speeds, committed bandwidth and service level assurance.

The business nbn™ solution finder steps businesses through a series of simple questions about their application and data usage, and the level of service support they require, to help identify a wholesale discount business nbn™ bundle that best suits their needs.

Extensive research of Australian businesses and internet providers found that many businesses may not be connected to the right broadband plan to meet their needs.

Around two thirds of micro businesses (1-4 employees) operate from a residential premises and more than three quarters of those are currently using a residential plan rather than a plan designed for business purposes such as video conferencing, video surveillance, access to remote back-ups and cloud application software.

Try out the Solution Finder here.