City of Logan bi-annual economic analysis

Bi-annual Economic Analysis


Logan City Council collects key economic statistics and information to measure how the city is performing. This information has been compiled into the Bi-annual Economic Analysis Report, January 2020 issue.

The most recently released data is presented in this report, but may refer to different time periods depending on the frequency of the data collected by the relevant agency.

Key Economic Indicators

Key Economic Indicators summary chart

$12.58 billion

Gross Regional Product

Gross Regional Product (GRP) is $12.58b as of June 2019. This is a 3% increase from June 2018. The average GRP growth rate for the city from 2002 is 3.3%.


Registered Businesses

The Construction industry had the largest number of total registered businesses in Logan City, comprising 25.4% of all total registered businesses. Industries with the largest growth in registered businesses are Construction (+150%), Transport, Postal and Warehousing (+146%), and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (+97%).

Top Industries by Output


Estimated Resident Population

Estimated Resident Population as of June 2019 is 334,358. This is an increase of 2.41%.

The average growth rate of the city over the last ten years is 1.89%.


Labour Force



In the 2019 December quarter, the unemployment rate in Logan City was 7.9%. The unemployment rate remained steady in 2019.

The unemployment rate shown here is the proportion of the resident labour force (those in work or looking for work and aged over 15) who are looking for work. Unemployment does not include people who don’t have a job but are not seeking a job.


Local Jobs


Employed Residents

The amount of local jobs in the City of Logan has risen 2.7% from June 2018 (112,300) to June 2019 (115,387).

An analysis of the jobs held by the local workers in Logan City in 2018/19 shows the three largest industries were:

  • Construction (18,838 people or 16.3%)
  • Retail Trade (16,152 people or 14.0%)
  • Health Care and Social Assistance (15,070 people or 13.1%)

In combination these three fields accounted for 50,060 people in total or 43.4% of the local workers.

The following four industries experienced the highest amount of job growth between June 2018 and June 2019:

  • Construction (+2,767 local workers)
  • Health Care and Social Assistance (+342 local workers)
  • Administrative and Support Services (+251 local workers)
  • Arts and Recreation Services (+133 local workers)

In the year ending June 2019 there were 162,887 City of Logan residents employed. This represents an increase of 2.13% from June 2018, or 3395 residents.