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Map of Australia showing City of Logan proximity to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne

Speaker 1 – Ty Hermans from Evolve Group:

It’s amazing once you start to knock on doors around Logan just how many different companies are here manufacturing all sorts of wonderful things.


Female staff member at Monkey Tree Brewing Co mixing beer ingredients in vat. Automated manufacturing robot in an assembly line. Worker in full body protective overalls inspecting machines at ATP Science.

Speaker 2 – Wade Mellish from Holmwood Highgate:

The City of Logan allows us to go and deliver world-class products both domestically and internationally.


Aerial view of Slacks Creek and M1 motorway. Workers in large factory shed working on steel bulk containers. Wade Mellish and worker inspecting bulk containers.

Speaker 3 – Jeff Doidge from ATP Science:

Being in Logan gives us access to the ports, from the airport or from the sea docks. As far as the major infrastructure on the roads, it’s fantastic.


Aerial view of Springwood and Slacks Creek, including M1 motorway. Executive at a train station, view through airport terminal window of aeroplanes on the tarmac and a flight schedule screen showing international arrival and departure times. Aerial view of main highways with traffic flowing through Logan.

Speaker 4 – Ty Hermans from Evolve Group:

Freight costs are absolutely reduced from where we used to be based. Logan is really well placed because of the cost of land and having ready access to some really good skilled labour within sort of 10 or 15 minutes of the facility we’re not finding that we’re having to pay more to get them to travel further.


Workers in high visibility clothing wrapping a pallet of goods and loading it onto a truck via forklift. Aerial shot of an industrial estate with trucks turning into warehouse loading bays. Evolve sign. Ty Hermans walking through factory and inspecting staff at work on machines and inspecting product.

Speaker 5 – Wade Mellish from Holmwood Highgate:

We work very closely with schools and TAFE’s to make sure we can get the right skill set for the future. We’ve got upwards of 200 staff now, blue and white collar, and increasing the workers everyday because of the amount of work we have on. We operate the whole facility here from engineering, design down to manufacture and delivery.


Gantry crane inside factory loading steel frame. Young worker welding steel frame. Workers assembling pipes, welding, polishing bulk containers and loading them onto truck frames. Wade Mellish inspecting containers and reviewing engineering drawings.

Speaker 6 – Jeff Doidge from ATP Science:

ATP Science is now distributing into the UAE, into India, into Asia, we’re starting to expand quite rapidly internationally and that’s obviously very good for ATP and for Logan.


Supplement capsules running along production line and being filled in containers, worker in food safety protective clothing inspecting production line. Boxes of product coming off production line, inspected in warehouse by staff.

Speaker 7 – Linda from Poppy’s Chocolate:

Poppy’s Chocolate manufacture 35 tonnes of chocolates per year, we supply nationally to large international companies such as Palazzo Versace, the Star Casino, the Sheraton and Jetstar. I’ve been fortunate to locate my business in this area but never imagined this choice would be such a good one.


Workers turning out chocolates from moulds onto bench, and piping chocolate into moulds. Staff arranging dog shaped chocolate into packaging. Linda inspecting chocolate eggs that come off machine. Shots of various chocolate products in packaging.

Speaker 8 – Kenton Campbell from Zarraffa’s Coffee:

What surprises me about Logan, is when you look you can find everything you need here. From the point of view of customers, staff and suppliers. There is no better place than where we are right here. You’ve got a Council who are pro-business and they work out ways for you to be successful, and that’s the biggest reason I’m here and the biggest reason why this has been a success.


Kenton Campbell walking through Distillery Road Market, sitting in cafe with a laptop talking to woman. Male cafe staff member delivers Zarraffa’s coffees. Shot of Zarraffa’s sign in the cafe. Kenton walking through factory interacting with workers and touchscreen equipment. View of Zarraffa’s coffee beans in boxes in warehouse.

Speaker 9 – Ty Hermans from Evolve Group:

I believe the city’s got huge growth potential, that’s why we’re investing so heavily behind our business. We don’t see that we’re gonna have to move anywhere.


Aerial view of industrial estate, trucks moving around. Ty Hermans viewing product drawings on computer. Shots of robots and plastic components on production lines.

Speaker 10 – Jeff Doidge from ATP Science:

You should come and have a look for yourself, look at the location, look at the diversity, it is great city to be based in.


Young factory workers using tools on machinery. Coffee beans in hop. Alex Milosevic from Extraction Coffee smelling coffee beans out of roasting machine. Female worker at Monkey Tree Brewing Co inspecting beer vats, pouring beer.

Speaker 11 – Kenton Campbell from Zarraffa’s Coffee:

So if you believe in your business, right now is the time, and Logan’s the place.


Worker looking out over large warehouse with forklifts moving pallets. Kenton Campbell looking at manufacturing facilities and smiling.


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