Transcript for the Invest in the City of Logan (short) video

This page provides a descriptive transcript for the video Invest in the City of Logan short video embedded on the Logan Office of Economic Development homepage.


City of Logan logo.

♪ Uplifting positive outlook background music ♪

Map of Australia showing City of Logan proximity to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne

Speaker 1 – Wade Mellish from Holmwood Highgate:

The City of Logan allows us to go and deliver world-class products both domestically and internationally.


View of factory with production containers and equipment.

Speaker 2 – Vu Tran from Go1:

We’ve always thought big. We always thought why can’t we build a global company from where we are here in Logan.


View of Go1 company office premises.

Speaker 3 – Jeff Doidge from ATP Science:

Being in Logan gives us access to the ports from the airport or from sea docks. As far as the major infrastructure on the roads, it’s fantastic.


Executive at a train station, view through airport terminal window of aeroplanes on the tarmac and a flight schedule screen showing international arrival and departure times. Aerial view of main highways with traffic flowing through Logan.

Speaker 4 – Kenton Campbell from Zarraffa’s Coffee:

What surprises me about Logan, is when you look you can find everything you need here. From the point of view of customers, staff and suppliers. There is no better place than where we are right here.


Kenton Campbell walking through factory interacting with workers and touchscreen equipment. View of Zarraffa’s paper coffee cups and beans.

Speaker 5 – Linda O’Brien from Griffith University:

The biggest advantage we have is that there is deep engagement for business, industry, the community itself and all levels of government.


Linda O’Brien meeting students at Griffith University. Infinite Vision optometry clinic performing an eye examination. Logan Hospital signage. Aerial view of Logan City Council Administration building.

Speaker 6 – Vu Tran from Go1:

So for companies that are looking to come to Logan, I think they’ve got the opportunity to engage with a council that isn’t just proactive but I believe rolls up their sleeves to actually help companies thrive in the area.


Cultural performances, artwork and music performances. Monkey tree brewing, Extraction Coffee bean factory production and grinding, as well as beer pouring. Other companies shown include Vogue Industries car detailing and performance, IKEA, Avery Dennison, John Deere. Aerial footage of Springwood with busy motorway.

Speaker 7 – Mike Tamaki from Spirits of the Red Sand:

I think the Logan region – it’s standing out in the field of it’s own, and now, it’s on the rise. If I didn’t think it had potential, I wouldn’t invest.


Man working in indoor crop cultivation cultivation greenhouse. Warehouse worker driving forklift. Lendlease worker at excavation site showing W.R. Walker Excavations digger machinery and Golding work vehicle.

Speaker 8 – Kenton Campbell from Zarraffa’s Coffee:

So if you believe in your business, right now’s the time, and Logan’s the place.


Poppy’s Chocolate Australia brand sprinkle confectionary and nougat packaging workers.


Invest in us. City of Logan logo. Logan Office of Economic Development.

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