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How to budget for small business success using digital platforms

16 January 2024 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

- Free

A budget acts as a guide for financial decision-making, enabling entrepreneurs to make sound choices when it comes to allocating their resources. By attending this workshop, you will gain the knowledge necessary to develop a budget that can help you effectively manage your business’s finances.

This workshop will step you through:

  • Understanding the importance of small business budgeting
  • Planning for expenses and cashflow
  • Identify areas to reduce cashflow
  • Make informed decisions about investments and expansion opportunities
  • Help prioritise spending
  • Using technology to stay organised and in control of your finances
  • Digital tools for budgeting including accounting software, budgeting apps, Excel and online tools for tracking expenses
  • Choosing the right digital tool for your small business
  • Guidance on how to create a budget for a small business
  • How to manage your budget and which digital platform is best for your business
  • How to implement your budget and track the progress digitally

About Jackie

Jackie is a personal budgeting expert, author, and founder of The Simple Budget. Her mission is to empower people to take control of their finances and simplify budgeting for individuals and small businesses alike. Jackie’s passion for personal finance was ignited when she and her husband purchased their first home 20-odd years ago and started thinking about their long-term financial plans. With a bachelor of Commerce from Griffith University, Jackie has dedicated her career to helping people manage their money more efficiently, regardless of their income or educational background.
Jackie noticed that many people struggle with managing their money, regardless of income or education, and began helping friends and family set up budgets on scraps of paper. This led her to write her first book, The Simple Budget, and develop an accompanying budgeting workbook and now offers half-day budgeting workshops aimed at individuals and small businesses to help them understand and set up their own unique budgets.