Facilitating Council Processes

We know dealing with the necessary local government procedures and processes can sometimes be confusing. The Logan Office of Economic Development can assist by being your key point of contact within Council, helping you to navigate licensing, town planning and development approvals.

The Logan Office of Economic Development works with government departments, developers and clients to ensure timely approvals and quality development outcomes are achieved and to provide assistance with appropriate zoning.

Our team works with Logan City Council to streamline the process for our clients, helping to speed up the approval process significantly and reduce interest and holding costs. We also liaise with Council about infrastructure requirements and possible incentives or offsets of infrastructure related costs.

The team can help clients to access possible Queensland government financial incentives and can liaise with water, energy and gas infrastructure providers including broadband and futuristic infrastructure requirements.

The team will be your ongoing advocate within Logan City Council as well as government departments.

Logan City Council is proud to have one of the fastest turnaround times for approving development applications in Queensland. In 2013, Council approved the development of a multi-story mixed-use commercial development in Logan Central, including eateries, commercial space, a hotel and apartments, in a record 42 days.

Major Developments – Our One Stop Shop Service

One Stop Shop is a VIP service for major development projects. It focuses on resolving key issues at application stage by providing a dedicated development team, distinct guidelines and reducing time delays and potential holding costs.

For more information and details on how to apply go to www.logan.qld.gov.au/majorprojects or speak to our Business Development Team.

Working with Council

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