Summit soars Springwood investment

28 September 2018


Shining a light on Springwood through a Logan City Council-hosted summit has sent development approvals in the suburb’s city centre skyrocketing.

A comparison of development activity in the 22 months before and after the October 2016 summit showed significant increases in the number of approved units, lots and other development types.

Springwood Centre Infographic 

City Centres Special Committee Chair, Councillor Jon Raven, said the statistics spoke to the success of council’s series of summits. 

“Springwood was the centre where we hosted our first summit in October 2016 and these stats clearly show that putting it under the spotlight has had a major influence on attracting business investment,” Cr Raven said. 

“As part of the summit process Council led the way by investing in Springwood which helped draw investment from the Queensland Government and private industry. 

“We listened to the community and businesses at the summit and based on their feedback we now have several priority projects going through detailed design and funded for construction. 

“We’re confident investment in Springwood will continue to grow as these projects are progressively completed.” 

Some of the projects have attracted investment from the Queensland Government. 

Funding of $827,000 was secured for the Slacks Creek Green Link in June this year under the state’s 2018-2019 Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program, while a $75,000 grant was secured in August for the shared pathway between Laurinda Cres and Carol Ave from the Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Program. 

City Planning and Economic Development Committee Chair, Cr Russell Lutton, said following the success of the Springwood summit, similar events had since been held at Beenleigh, Logan Village, Logan Central and Meadowbrook. 

“I’m sure we’ll see similar positive benefits flow on to these key areas of Logan as well,” Cr Lutton said. 

“Beenleigh has $5 million in funding to deliver 10 exciting projects endorsed by council in July, which is sure to be a major boost to this vital city centre, while $2 million has been set aside for Logan Village. 

“Our summit at Logan Central in May this year had a record-breaking amount of feedback received from the community, and we’re excited to see what projects will come from that.

“A Meadowbrook summit focusing on health and education was held last week and that is sure to keep the momentum we’re building with these events.” 

The projects to be delivered by Council’s $5 million Springwood implementation fund include: 

  • Slacks Creek Green Link
  • Murrajong, Briggs, Paxton Roads & Carol Avenue Green Link
  • Dedicated Place Branding/Marketing strategy for Springwood Activity Centre
  • Carol Avenue to Laurinda Crescent Shared Pathway
  • Shared pathway between Dennis Road and Carol Avenue
  • Wi-Fi to Springwood Park, if additional budget is available following the approval of the detailed design of the above projects



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