Entrepreneurship Seminar Series - Diversity in Business

22nd May 2018 5:00pm-7:15pm

Diversity and inclusion facilitates innovation, cultivates authentic engagement, unleashes creativity and acts as the catalyst for sustainable business growth.

This unique seminar investigates the inner culture of your business and highlights best practice in fostering diversity to improve morale and commercial outcomes for small to medium businesses.

Guest Speakers

Glenda Strachan 
Professor Glenda Strachan is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Her research interests centre on contemporary and historical workplace change especially issues relating to women’s working experience. The impact of organisational and national employment policies, especially EEO and diversity management, is a focus of her work and she has published widely in journals. She is co-author of Managing Diversity in Australia: Theory and Practice, published in 2010 and co-editor of Gender and the Professions: International and Comparative Perspectives, Routledge 2018.

Kiran Sarai 
Kiran has over 20 years in corporate banking and specialised business segments with National Australia Bank, AMP and Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Brisbane and Sydney with state and national roles. Expertise ranges from respectful change management, deepening stakeholder engagement, strengthening sustainable governance, mitigating risk, developing strategic plans and optimising customer experience through digital innovations across numerous divisions and sectors within each organisation.

As a banking and finance professional who brings whole of self to responsibilities, Kiran upholds an ethical approach to high performing teams. She is inquisitive, creative and practical which enables her to see things that others don’t. Kiran is respected for depth of professionalism, optimistic outlook and non-traditional strategic thinking.  

Griffith Business School is proudly hosting the 2018 Entrepreneurship Seminar Series.

Held at the Griffith University Logan campus, the seminars are free of charge and everyone is welcome. As each seminar covers a specific independent topic it is not essential to attend the entire series, so feel free to attend any topic of your choosing as the year progresses.

Date 22nd May 2018 5:00pm-7:15pm
Location Griffith University Logan Campus
Street address University Drive, Meadowbrook
Cost Free
Contact phone 07 3382 1126
Contact email l.groundwater@griffith.edu.au
Website link http://events.griffith.edu.au/events/entrepreneurship-seminar-diversity-in-business/event-summary-a590e410d5a348f8befc61e4eba861bd.aspx?p=10

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